Push-up bra arrow Push-Up Bra with Milk yarn

Push-Up Bra with Milk yarn

Oakeysì Shapewear - The push-up bra with milk yarn let obtain an excellent support of the breast thanks to the control bands with different strength included in the product.
The flat strap closure allows to wear the bra without any annoyance on the skin, while the flat finished seams allow to wear it underneath any piece of clothing, without noticing it.
The milk yarn used to produce the push-up bra gives bactericide and antiphlogistic properties and stimulates the blood circulation letting breathe the skin in the best comfort.
The push-up bra with milk yarn is available from S size to XXL, in beige colour.


  • 32% PR - Milk Fiber
  • 15% CO - Cotton
  • 40% PA - Nylon
  • 13% EA - Elastane

Sequence of wearing

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Milk line

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